Link Exchange

Welcome to the KAMBOZZIE link to us / exchange page. Here you will find a selection of fan banners you can use to share on your blogs and websites. We are looking for equal quality websites not necessarily similar content. we are design focused here at and appreciate a nice looking website that's easy to navigate and has lots of content.

We are looking forward to building strong relationships with other webmasters with similar interest's and mind sets. with this said we are super chilled and laid back and are not interested in well formed letters and emails. Just talk, say what your after and we will respond. I don't want to read essays for uni when i open my email from someone wanting to exchange some links.

I really have to express that i'm not interested is being a high powered business man. I want to blog and do what i want & i want freedom, the same reason we all blog. As soon as this blog turns to a corporate business i can guarantee you i would have sold up long before that.

How will we display your link or banners ? 

I plan to place each banner within a banner rotator script and a random banner will be shown each page load. when you remove us we remove you its pretty much that simple guys. for those of you that don't want to link or exchange using banners, you can opt for link text and we can rotate them in sidebar as an alternative option.

For more information please contact us. we look forward to chatting with you.

Contact form page - Click Here!

728 x 90 Fan Banner 


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