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Working and blogging at the same time is quite easy in this day and age with the fancy phones we have. It's not difficult to download a simple text or note app for your smartphone that will have your fingers hitting buttons at a rapid rate to put down what's in your head before your boss finds out.

Just like the post your reading now, it was written entirely at work just to prove it's possible.


creating titles and headings at work
Depending on where you work it may be a little harder for you to get time to write a whole post and this will also depend on what type of blog you run as well. research for blog posts can take days, but most definitely you can get a title and some heading ideas down in your app or the old fashioned note pad and pen while you're at work.

You have to go to the toilet at some point during the day, well most people do. Why not make notes during this time if you have too. 

If all you can do during the day is make titles and headings for future posts it will have to do, but I can assure u if you're a motivated blogger; it will have your mind thinking for the rest of the day and will inspire you to write when you get home.


lunch and smoko writing sessions

If you're finding it hard to get some free time during your working day it's quite possible to sit down on your breaks and write a few words like me in the picture above.

Cranking out a few sentences while on break is doable and time management is something you will need to get used to when blogging and working online in general.


When becoming a blogger one of the major hurdles is time there is just never enough of it. I work 12 to 15 hours a day I have a wife, 2 children, I go to church on Sundays and really it doesn't leave much time to write great content for 2 blogs.

This is why I have learned to master my time and use free moments even if short to capitalize on every spare moment I get. Once you get the hang of doing it you will be thankful you learned and trained the skill of time management.


co-workers shaking hands

Use your working environment for Inspiration, it's everywhere in the workplace, I shovel compost every day and I still manage to find beauty in piles of poo so it's more than possible at any workplace.

You can use you're co-workers questions they might ask you about things. Answer them then and there and then elaborate in even more detail on your blog like I'm doing now.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. this guy happened to come into the place I'm working while writing this post and started doing air monitoring thought it was interesting so I'm sharing it lol.

A Co-worker said I could never blog I work too much, I told him I run 2 blogs and I still have time to post. He got a little more enthusiastic about the idea. If I should show him this post and It might make the difference in him starting a blog or website.


It's more than possible to hold down and a full-time job and be a part-time blogger and until your blog takes off in a big way there is no point quitting your job and going fulltime.

So telling the boss to kiss your ass might be a while away yet I'm sorry to say.


Australian 10 dollar note

The fact is bloggers don't make all their money from BLOGGING, ads don't pay much. Most bloggers Write books or speak at a live event or sell services of some sort and this is where huge amounts of there income are made.

Granted the blog is where it started but it transcends the blog and becomes more than the blog over time.

The point is until you make a name for yourself and can afford to live just from your blog eBooks and live speaking you're going to need that day job it's just the way it is.

And with all that said no one is making 50k just from a blog and it's Ads I call bulldust on that. Affiliate marketing ain't that great.


Blogging can be done at work and here is proof that you can do it. This post was written at work, the photos were taken at work, and the whole concept for this post was from a question a Co-worker asked me.

I should also say it made my day at work go a lot faster.

And I doubled my productivity I got paid for working and I also made a great blog post that means this blog post earned me 300$ before I even published it. (Not too bad.)

Good luck with your blog I hope these tips helped you.

If you think I missed anything or want to share your blog with me leave a comment below.

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