Focusing On Dreams [Part 1]

Sometimes you have to focus on your dreams, There is nothing that should hold you back. Writing for me has always been hard. I've never considered myself a wordsmith. I just talk and convert it to a readable [sorta readable] text format.

Most of my blog posts are more like I'm siting down at the pub having a beer with you, polar opposite to then well worded sales letter delivered by a man in a suit blogs i see.

I guess that's because I'm no diamond, I'm ruff as guts in real honesty. I work a hard as day job in demolition. most days I'm Repeatedly Dead lifting 60+ kg weight all day or knocking down walls with sledge hammers and pry bars. I also am a useful pawn in my companies game cause i can remove asbestos.[yay for me]

I do think that's why when I write here, I come across as a drunkard at the pub rambling shit. Its time I start focusing my online self into a more manageable unit.

Getting Serious About Your Dreams Well for me getting serious means, consolidating my online self into one central website about me, kambozzie being that site. After all, this site is about my journey through life, it's a personal journal. 

Then by taking active steps to write GREAT FRESH CONTENT for each of my websites.

I Also manage another 2 websites. I have big plans for these sites.

  • Online Cookbook - The Healthy Living, Life Changing, Digital Cooking Reference.
  • Oxaus  - Hobbies And Interests Of Men Over 30.
I don't really think i'll ever be able to leave my day job, but it would be nice to make a living off blogging. However I'd really want to get much better at blogging before I jump to the earning of dollars. My posts need lots of work and prob scraped all together. 

I don't want to be that blogger that pays for high quality articles though, I've never liked that. I think I'm best just plodding along, writing more on kambozzie about my life and thoughts, so i have some sort of clarity for direction with my other blogs I'm vested in.

Why do I want a second income from a blog ?

[Thought i should add a whole subheading for this because I'm about to fall off the bar stool]

I have a son, guess I start here, he's the most amazing kid, melts everyone's heart the moment they meet him. He motivates me to be a better man. Since he was born I really make a go and everything that could end up being something that could provide a future.

This life in Australia is expensive, i make ok money but I'm broke really. i have loans and a nice car but i rent pay bills that are so over priced, i get fines from the cops too I'm no saint.

I live from paycheck to paycheck, saving 100$ a week for a year is a dream. a second income from a blog would be wonderful. 

[Side Note: I'm just talking about making money from a blog living the bloggers life, i can make money online I've made thousands, but not from a blog.]

Whats The Next Move ?

Well today or tomorrow i plan to write one recipe for my cooking blog, only thing been holding me back is the cooking blog niche is won and lost on photos not recipes. You need a good camera[That i do not have :( Help Me Buy A Camera Please], plating, props and scenery. with those excuses out the way i will write some posts. always good to get a few months ahead of your blog posts.

Oxaus, well Oxaus is getting all of it's posts stripped back to nothing then ill be writing new posts about hobbies for men over 30, in this it will include quote posts jokes and other funny stuff. but it's focus will be on hobbies and stuff blokes over 30 would find funny. 

Always loved the domain couldn't let it go lol. [You know when you buy a domain and your like "yep I like that domain" well that's for me, I have no idea why.]

As for kambozzie, ill be here in a day or two writing something else :) it's really my main stop for blogging.

So until the next post stay groovy cats peace.

Oi don't forget to leave a comment and share, I'm just a dude but hey I'm a nice guy :P

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