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Welcome To Fatherhood

welcome to fatherhood

So your a father, your a little bit worried and not sure whats in store for you ?

Don't worry its easy !

I'll tell you a few tips in this post that will help give you a leg up and will give you some confidence in this life long journey of fatherhood your about to embark on.

Welcome To Fatherhood 

When i first became a father i was so stressed out and worried i was not going to  be a good father for my child, i was a lost soul and had no idea what it was going to take to be a super dad. 

Here's a little truth about me. My father was a junkie, he lived his life as a junkie and died at 50 years old a junkies death. My main role model on being a father was tainted from the get go. 

The only thing I knew I was going to get right, was I wasn't going let my child watch me kill myself every single day.

But before this post on fatherhood turns into a narcissistic trip down memory lane lets move on just a little bit.

Being a father is easy and there is only a few points you need to know. For those that love infographics and pics here's a post i did sometime ago that basically shows you what you need to know in 3 easy to follow steps, The ultimate cheat sheet on fatherhood.

Being a Father can be the most positive thing you will ever do with your life, even if you and your partner are falling out of love or where never truly in love in the first place. 

( I have a post about dealing with this coming up in future because its something I've dealt with first hand.) 

For most of you this is the start of an awesome adventure and your about to add another life to your beautiful family.

How Do I Know I'm Ready To Be A Dad

It's really bad but let me insert some laughing right here. hahahaha.. funny shit hey. The answer is who really knows if their ready for anything truly. 

There are so many things that could go wrong with everything you do in your life and fatherhood is no different. 

You just need to be dedicated to doing your best. There is no rule book on parenting besides the obvious "DON'T SHAKE THE BABY".

forget about not having enough money, forget about not having a good house, so long as you have time to give and love in your heart your going to do great.

Your children know you the moment they are born and that bond only gets stronger every single day. 

What Should I Know About Being a Good Dad ?

Here is my tip for being a wonderful dad that your kids will love,cherish and respect. 
  • Time
  • Love
It's really that simple, so long as you give your children your undevoted attention / time and shower them with love they will honor your relationship.

You Make It Sound So Easy

Well i know because it is, trust me your probably gonna feel like a failure so many times before they hit 18. Kids are forgiving and very resilient and so long as each day you try to be the best you can be for you, your child and your family. They will always respect you, well at least till they hit those dreaded teenage years then your fucked, they will prob hate your guts for a few years because you have to be a parent and responsible. Being a mate sometimes has to be put on the back burner.

However once they survive those years, thanks to you being a little bit of a hard ass, they will thank you and they will respect the stance you took. Even more so when they have children of there own.

So lesson for today Calm down your fine, millions before you have done it and millions after you will too. Your not going to be the only dad out there that screws up now and then just make a solid effort and be the best you can be ( wow i went there).

Here are some great blogs about being a father for your to read. There are also some great books out there aswell. Read and learn as much as you can, but at the end of the day it's your child and you need to raise them your way.

If you google search your going to find lots more, read what works for you, filter out the stuff that doesn't appeal to you. Don't ever forget love and time.

Leave a comment if this post gave you some confidence. put you at ease or made you think your gonna do OK. Hell tell me if you think I'm full of shit, don't bother me. My son is a happy, charming, super smart, above average kid. My ex, her family, my family and I must be doing something right. 


  1. Hey man, found your blog through a comment you left on a post yesterday after googling "my blog doesn't have a niche"��
    I've been browsing various sites that are allegedly dedicated to "connecting bloggers" and found nothing of substance or interest to me. Hence my enjoyment at stumbling across yours, just honest, non-conformist, opinions and experiences about whatever you want. I love it, man! Keep it up����

    1. Hey mate, pleasure you got something of value out my site, i honestly feel that it's best to truly be you. it really makes me feel good knowing someone else can see what im doing here.

      at the end of the day mate who cares what a bunch of marketers think they where never going to buy what you where selling anyway mate lol.

      just be yourself and write about what you want and someone will always look for what your talking about no one is ever truly alone in this life their are like minded people everywhere.

      only tip id suggest listening to is seo = Search engine optimisation, understanding some of the basic will really help those like minded people find you and not land on some marketers page that doesn't care about them their feelings or thoughts.

      checked out your blog mate it looks really good, keep it up to mate your on the right track.

      cheers again for the encouragement i appreciate it.


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