Let Passion Motivate Your Blog Writing

Lets chat candidly about letting your passion run wild when your writing your blog posts. This day in
age with so many people writing great content you really need to be special to stand out from the crowd.

In this post I'm going to give you one bit of advice that's invaluable. "Be passionate when writing your content for your blog or book".

Starting Is Hard, But Don't Loose Site Of Your Goals

Most people that start a blog think of quitting there job, or making money on a beach, long and short people are looking for freedom from the grind.

When this process begins most people become overwhelmed, get information overload and sadly but quickly loose sight of why they started their blog or website in the first place, it's happened to me and thousands of others.

Try stay focused and passionate about what your trying to achieve. Set achievable daily or weekly goals and cross them off when you meet your target.

Let Passion Motivate Your Blog Writing

I find the only way to keep going with your blog even when your seeing zero results, is to stay passionate or try rekindle that passion. Being passionate about your blog will motivate you to set more goals and will help you on your journey to reach milestones in your blogging adventure.

I'm not going to say that this blogging thing is easy, it's taken me 9 years and about 50 to 60 domain names and I'm still not sure I'm on to a winner. None the less I'm letting passion guide my writing, time and experience will help me fill in the missing pieces.

Find Something Your Passionate About & Write About It

I've done it and seen it so many times, You look for a profitable niche and then create a site about something you have no passion for "POINTLESS, Doomed to fail unless your a great actor and dont mind waking up everyday lying about being interested in something your not"

Some people can pull this off but not many. your best option is to find something your truly interested in and passionate about when you do this you will find writing about that subject will be so easy.

In closing I just want to say this post was not meant to be a step by step how to on writing great blog content. It was just reiterating the fact that you need to be dedicated focused and passionate about what your writing about, other wise their is no point of doing it. Life is just to short to spend time on anything you don't really care about.

Leave a comment below let me know what your passionate about, share your blog with me, tell me about why you choose your niche and let me know if this post inspired you. 


  1. Great post! really inspiring, i needed to read this. i'm at this point where i think i've chosen the wrong niche and i only picked it because it looked like i could make money from the subject. After reading this post and in fact looking over your entire blog, its given me a huge amount of inspiration to change everything up flip it on its head and start writing about the things i truly care about regardless of how much money i can get out of it. Time to do something for me. thanks so much for your insightful words.

    1. That's a very lovely comment, and to be honest i can see the passion just pouring out in your words, i think your on the right track now. good luck friend hope to see you back here again, let me know how you go.


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