I Wonder Through Life [Poem]

I wonder through life with out a care for the lesson.
I'm to short sighted to head the warnings.
Plunge right in, head first;
Some days I swear I was born with the Davo curse.

For those who dont know Davo was a dad
He helped jiz inside some chicks that gave birth to 3 lads.
Well those three lads two of which I'll not incriminate;
Ended up being fucked c@$ts just like their Old Mate.

Now everyday I wonder through life.
Never really knowing if my purpose is in sight.
You think you find it, puff, out like a light.
The grave I'm digging could fit 50 guys.

So I got into this blogging thing, you see, right.
Just so I could constantly get my mind tight
Thinking about things has always been my downside
I know this shit really helps, mad tight.

But back to the logic cause futures in crisis;
Just back the fuck up --- I want some silence.

Whats with this world these days, c@$ts ar farked;
Its to hard to deal, give me a bag of meme kittens to drown in the bath.
Hurts my head looking at assholes
But so does the shit it burns my nostrils.

But enough this man I've burned a lot of fools.
Don't need to prove I'm worth more than the lot of yall.

Out .. Drop The Mic .... Silence :)

Audience: WTF Was that shit i was just listening too omg

Have a nice day leave a comment :)

You know when you write a blog post but don't want to hit publish or stick your name on it cause its some alter ego shit, well fuck that lol i wrote that shit bitch. :P


  1. My man has got baaaaaaars!
    I'm envisioning a simple hip-hop beat, and some nice flow!
    Sick, man

    [I don't want to stereotype, but I'm surprised to see an Australian actively St*r ou* t*e wo*d "cunt" ;) ]

    1. Haha, started using this blog just for shits and giggles lately. check out my other sites if you have time.

      Thanks for the comment alex, been checking out your blog quite a lot mate, really impressive writing skills, your quite the wordsmith mate.

      https://www.oxaus.com - https://www.onlinecookbook.org


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