I knew this would happen

I saw this commingWelcome back it's been ages, I knew I would be back here doing this yet again. You got it i'm
changing the blog up once again. I find it so hard being limited and restricted to one blog niche.

I'm a man of many talents and the last thing I want to feel when working on this blog from home or on and adventure is restricted, trapped and boxed in to one way of thinking.

Life for me is already kinda like that and this blog was always meant to be my own space to express what I truly feel about the world around me.

Why do I keep changing the blog. Well I guess to answer that I should really explain why I purchased the domain name. You see I was dating a Cambodian girl with who I had a son, he is half Australian half Cambodian, guess that kinda Explains the Kambozzie as a domain name, since purchasing the domain me and said girl have separated.

I was using the domain as a blog about Australia and Cambodia up until we separated, but then after became a little to hard to think about Cambodia.

I decided that I should change the blog and focus on preparedness, survival and primitive living, how ever I found it hard to stick to this topic ( despite how happy i was to make this change in this post : http://www.kambozzie.com/2017/06/time-to-change-blog-niche-up.html , things don't always go to plan. ).

I have no problems teaching things but i'm not going to document everything just for the sake of writing about a topic that's not how I live my life.

For about 3 months I switched the blog again to a gaming server i was running for a game called Wurm Unlimted I thought it would be a great place to build a community, but I quickly got tired of that. I'm to old and have to many responsibilities to play video games.

because I had no plans at this point I switched it back to a preparedness website and never posted again, thinking google would favour the fact I didn't delete my old post's. Note to all google doesn't care either way. So now here I am again and i'm hanging to start writing once more.

Whats it all going to be about this time, well if you have ever watched Seinfeld well it's a blog about nothing yet it's about everything, ill leave you to ponder that for awhile, so until my next post thanks for reading and stay subscribed for more great content.

Photo Taken By: Randell Monaghan Aka @RandellOnline

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