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H.M.A.S Cerberus & One Mans Legacy

H.M.A.S Cerberus

As none of you probably know because I've never mentioned it before, I currently work doing
demolition and asbestos removal.

In my job I come across lots of awesome things, sometimes money, sometimes jewellery, but today I came across some awesome old photos from 1935, these photos are of a young handsome man who was in the Australian navy serving from what I can see, on or at the H.M.A.S Cerberus.

The moment I saw these photos it brought a tear to my eye. I honestly felt I was holding a young man's legacy in my hands.

 What Is The H.M.A.S Cerberus

HMAS Cerberus is a Royal Australian Navy base that serves as the primary training establishment for RAN personnel. The base is located adjacent to Crib Point on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
The H.M.A.S Cerberus was also a navy ship. From the text on the back of one of the photos having being dated 1935 and the ship being sunk / decommissioned in 1921 i'm not 100% sure if this young man ever served on this ship.

However there is a wiki page you can take a look at if your interested in this ship and the Australian navy :

It would be great if someone could let me know if at all possible this gentleman ever served on this vessel. I now feel strangely obligated to tell his story or at least a very brief overview of his time in the Australian navy however impossible it may be for me to find this information.

Photos Of What I Believe Is The H.M.A.S Cerberus & This Young Man

As you can see in these photos and if you compare them with this video below of the sunken H.M.A.S Cerberus (At the time of sinking it was known as the HMAS Platypus II 1 April 1921 ) it does look like this young man was indeed on this vessel. but without more information i can not be 100% sure.

Here are more pictures i did not find of the Cerberus

Picture credits:

So where  do I leave this post now, well sadly like some soliders in war their story will go untold, unless your family or have thousands of dollars and an inside contact with the military this young mans story may be untold.

Hopefully one day i'll find the answers I'm looking for but chances are I wont. all I can say is I've donated the pictures I've found to the maritime museum in port Adelaide South Australia.

If your a family member or are interested in finding out more about this vessel or this young man or many like hi, id suggest contacting the museum and asking about the photos.

Just so people know I gained nothing from donating these pictures and I even specifically asked to not add my name next to these soldiers who gave everything for my country.

With that said they did make me fill in some paperwork that has my details so if your family and want to say hello and fill me in on this brave young mans story please ask them and I will let them know only the family of this young man can contact me to finish his story.

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  1. I work doing removals and house clearances, some of the stuff you find is crazy. I often spend a good hour just sitting going through people's photo albums, feeling immersed in their life, seeing their journey, what they thought worthy to document. It's quite sad really what families just leave to be chucked out. They raid the house of their dead relatives for anything of value, and leave the most valuable things of all; their stories.
    Kudos to you for taking the time to give them to a maritime museum, if nothing else they'll be appreciated by a few other people!


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