MERV - Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi Short Film

merv sci-fi short filmYes I've done it again, I'm posting a video from youtube. I swear i'm going to have to stop doing this
so much. I wanted to share this great post Apocalyptic Sci Fi Short Film titled MERV, it goes for about 15 minutes and it's awesome.

This apocalypse short film was uploaded way back in 2013 and i've only just found it today. I guess when they say more than 300 hours of video is uploaded to youtube every minute they are not fibbing. It may take awhile for you to see something depending on search preferences ect. If I'm a bit late to the MERV sci fi shorts party let me know in the comments.

This is a great short film, Im a real fan of fallout and it kinda has that setting too it but i guess any post apocalyptic film or game could be compared to fallout.

The post apocalyptic film follows merv around in his comfortably boring life living each day in the wasteland. Until one day when he picks up a random signal on his ham radio that signifies the coming of a stranger.

After all this time alone MERV doesn't take to the company so well and he kinda freaks out lol.

Expected after spending so much time alone in a wasteland after the end of the world. You would go a little strange up stairs. This short film is truly well made and gives you a serious yet comedic look into life after doomsday.

Though this is not going to teach you anything of use, it is nice to take a look into what life could be like in a wasteland after the end of days.

After the end of the world, Merv's life in the lonely wastes is comfortably boring until an unexpected signal heralds the coming of a stranger.

Directed by Matt Inns
Written by Steven Woller and Matt Inns
Director of Photography, Ash McKenzie
Produced by Steven Woller and Matt Inns
Co-producer, Melissa Dodds

Starring Steven Woller and Maggie Watts

Official Selection FilmQuest 2015
Official Selection DragonCon Independent Film Festival 2015
Official Selection Here Be Dragons 2015

© Little Dragon Pictures 2013

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