Time to Change The Blog Niche Up

A short post today, just explaining some of the changes your probably seeing on the blog now or will be seeing very soon.

I recently decided to change the blog, it had no real direction before. As nice as it wasd to write content about anything i wanted, i'd actually prefer to write about a subject i really love.

Im a nature lover, so anything outdoors and using my hands and i'm in. I personally love primitive skills, bushcraft, survival, prepping, archery, woodworking, blacksmithing and just making stuff.

I used to run a social network called BushSkillsNetwork.Com - (long gone now, sadly no one wanted a social network just for preppers and bushcrafters.)

I have tried writing about this topic before but I also like my sites to look active. Kinda hard making a social network look busy when your the only one writing content for it. I gave up, in a survival situation I would have have kept going but lets face it, the internet is the last of my worries and when SHTF it'll be the last thing i think of trying to find access to. I decided wasting my time on that project was just a life waste.

However now im back trying to help people prepare and survive again. It's also nice to have a think space for myself, where i can add what i know and learn along the way. I can use it as a reference as well.

Now over the coming months you will see more survival style post's instead of my normal random post's that tend to be about whatever i'm feeling on a whim.

Next post's going to be about archery, I just got a new bow and have been making my own arrows for like $1.5 an arrow ( they fly and kill great don't worry) so i'll be keen to start there showing you all how to make cheap and chips survival arrows. why spend 15$ an arrow there abouts when you can get an arrow that's just as nice for like $1.50 more on that in the next post.

I just want to say thank you to everyone thats been reading and following along. I have only tweaked the niche of this blog slightly, i'm still Australian and my partner and son are still khmer.

Survival runs in a blood and your still going to get the best of Australia and Cambodia through our eye's but i personally think your going to see something thats more important about our cultures. Who cares about fashion, and other primadonna things. staying alive so i can wear a rag sounds like a dream to me.

leave a comment below let me know what you think of the change, ask a question or share some advice. Till next time, "stay ready".


Image credit : freedompreppers.com

Post By: Randell Monaghan Aka @RandellOnline

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