Sharpen Your Skills Natural Cordage Bracelet

I went for a walk to my local billabong again today, looking for some plants I could use to make some natural cordage out of. It's always nice to keep skills sharp by practicing the basics in your local parks.

I also do this so i know what works around me, incase SHTF I'd say i would have to survive in my area and surrounding areas, there for knowing what's around me is logical and common sense really.

I found a plant see picture below ( I'm not sure what it's called ), but it grows in Australia. It's the shrub looking one not the tree.

Basically I pulled the long reed like stems off of the plant. I went for ones that where a bit dry not green but not too dry, because this plant gets really brittle when it's too dead.

I then did the standard reverse wrap on the bits and created a nice length of cordage. I was very surprised this stuff held up as good as it did. It's really quite strong cordage.

I thought i'd make my partner a pretty natural bracelet, she is very easily pleased no Bling & diamonds for her.

Here's another picture of how it turned out.

If you're interested in learning how to make cordage, I found a great video that shows you step by step. You can make cordage out of almost any plant. some plants make great cordage some do not, this is why keeping your skills sharp and practicing on plants that grow local to you is not only fun but beneficial to your overall skill & knowledge.

How to make cordage video

Why not leave a comment or share some pictures of your cordage, let us know what plants you find to work and where you find them plants.

Have fun.

Photo Taken By: Randell Monaghan Aka @RandellOnline On a OPPO R7

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