5 Common Misconceptions About Preppers

Lets talk about misconceptions people have regarding preppers. In this post i'll talk about 5 misconceptions and try to put them to rest once and for all. Lets try and clear the air, let's see if we can take away some of the stigma associated with being a prepper.

We all watch tv and with shows like doomsday preppers, it's kinda easy to see why people consider preppers to be a little bit mad. Maybe some people are mad, some of the ideas and conspiracy theories i have heard are out of this world man, doesn't mean they're not possibly right though.

I guess one of the beauties about prepping is you never really stop prepping, there is no point you hit where you say "ok ive prepped enough, i'm good now". There is always something else you can prepare for & with so many theories & possibilities for disaster, it's no wonder preppers seem a bit focused on what's truly important.

This whole gotta be prepared mentality kinda does come across as a bit mad to a person stuck in the system, Sadly these people are gonna  have an unpleasant reality check when SHTF.

5 Misconceptions About Preppers

  • Their All Gun Nuts
I hear this one a lot but it's unfounded. I don't have a firearm and i don't really like them to be truthful. I can see the importance of becoming proficient with one however. I know there are lots of preppers out there that don't like guns, with that said they probably feel comfortable operating a firearm or another weapon for self defence. Hardly gun nut's, well not all of us preppers anyway. 

  • Their All Conspiracy Theorists 
Sure there are some pretty outrageous claims from some preppers and yes the crowd does draw in some people a little bit off tilt more than other movements. but this doesn't mean the majority of theories out there are not probable.

Ask yourself would you have thought we would ever live through  Sept 11. before then if i had of said im prepping because someone is going to blow up the twin towers and we are going to war, you would have laughed your ass off at me.

Maybe some conspiracy theorists are not as for from the truth as people think.

  • Their So Negative
I have to admit some preppers are very negative, always coming up with ways we can die and some horriable nuclear war that's looming around the corner. I personally think these preppers are just asking themselves what if but out loud online. 

For me I try focus on skill, knowledge and the proper execution of the two. Im a different breed of prepper i'm a active prepper not a sofa late night multi tool infomercial prepper, You know the one, he/she buys all the new tools and crap but wouldn't be able to use them in a survival situation for one reason or another probably due to lack of skill or physical ability ( ouch harsh ).

  • They Don't Shut Up About Being Prepared
I've hear this one a lot. My family and friends even tell me to shut up. I really do believe preppers tell people to get prepared for 2 reasons,  I think  the main reason is to create better prepared neighbourhoods so preppers can form alliances which means split supplies, skills, manpower, force if needed, in some cases reproduction and a better chance of survival in general. 
The second reason is to lower the chance of having someone unprepared in their zone, another  unexpected mouth to feed is huge, 1 extra mouth is a massive hit to your supplies. 

Now let's say you have 5 or 6 hungry neighbours come to your door when SHTF and their bashing because they know you prepared. Starvation makes people do strange things. 

Now would you want to shoot your neighbour ? i know i wouldn't, I'd really have to consider showing force though to remove them from my perimeter.

It's a liability i just can't afford, that's supplies my family goes without, I can't condone laziness and a inability to act before the chaos, it's far too late then. Preppers don't want people coming around looking for handouts from their supplies.

Long and short we never shut up because people are lazy and think everything gonna be given to them when SHTF and im sorry to say your not in any luck.

  • They Come Across As Aggressive 
This is Tv's fault yet again, lets face it spun out super mutant preppers all g'd up on killing stuff like a redneck hillbilly makes good tv. Truth is a lot of preppers want to move unseen. 

Chances are they wont greet you with a silenced modded AR7, chances are you wont see them at all. Preppers are not usually aggressive, abusive or crazy. Most preppers are just trying to help other people get more in touch with their primitive skills and are trying to share knowledge & mindset of survival. 

Most preppers will freely share what they know, not many real preppers out there charge for their knowledge. Most preppers happily give knowledge, time & inspiration away for nothing. Possibly for the simple sake of knowing, making one person stronger and capable of survival helps create a new world in the long run.

Thats the top 5 misconceptions i've been asked, told or heard people say about me or other preppers.

Leave your comments below what stigma about being a prepper do you want addressed, have i left anything out. i'll add this post to the forum you can continue the discussion there or our community chat

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Post By: Randell Monaghan Aka @RandellOnline On a OPPO R7

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