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10 Quick Tips About Nature Photography

Hello again guys, Today i want to share 10 Quick tips about nature photography. These 10 simple tips will have you taking awesome still shots of your favourite landscapes.

Pro Tips Time

1. Lighting 

Making sure you have the perfect lighting, is a must for any nature photography, i personally like having a really nice back glow to my nature shots, kinda like god has cast a stunning light spell right in my lense. First thing in the morning or the end of the day depending on shading is normally the best times i find.

2. Randomness

Don't be scared to be random. I think that is pretty self explanatory. taking shots of weird angles and objects within nature is awesome some of the shots you get turn out strangely beautiful.

3. Trusting your instinct 

Sounds easy, but can prove to be a real constant challenge for some photographers. My advice is, Let go nature is the one taking the shot your just pressing the button.

4. Use Filters

Dont be scared to use filters and layers, really edit the hell out of your pictures. Always keep an original but don't be scared to edit your photos, nature is stunning but sometimes it can use some help to look godly.

5. Switch cameras

Feel like your photography is getting stale, then switch cameras, use your phone if you have too. A Simple camera change can make all the difference to spicing up your shots.

6.  Open your eye's

Sometimes people become so blind because of all of life's distractions, the perfect nature shot might not be a rolling hill landscape it might be a micro water drop on a leaf. Don't always look for the stunning sunset beach shot. The small things are equally beautiful.

7. Stop forcing the shot

Some people really try force the shot, micro managing twigs and leaves in their view. While sometimes this is necessary many people go way overboard and your nature shot becomes and well groomed lifeless bit of dirt.

8. Express your inner self

Who are you what are your inner desires. You dont need to tell me but you could you this to influence your photography. Channel that wonderful inner soul into your shots you'll be amazed at how artistic you will let yourself get. Hot Tip // just roll with it.

9. Find influencers

Find someone that inspires you in the photography industry. I have many favourites each having their own creative flow and aurora. Find someone that makes you open your mind and see a different world, hopefully they show you a similar world to the one you dream of.

10. Always have a camera on you!!!!!

This goes without saying but it's hard to take photos of nature when you don't have a camera. Always keep one form of camera on you at all times.

These are my 10 quick tips to better nature photography. I hope they help you when your next out there taking breathtaking photo's.

Photo Taken By: Randell Monaghan Aka @RandellOnline On a OPPO R7

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