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Why Choose Blogger Over WordPress In 2017

In this post i'm going to tell you why I personally choose Blogger over WordPress in 2017. Hopefully my train of thought is resonates with you, if it doesn't there are plenty of other posts telling you an answer to this question. Most of these guys are selling services for one or the other platforms, so of course they want to get you into the platform they are selling said services for. They can build trust with you and then sell to you.

I myself am not selling products, so I'm only going to tell you what i think is better in my opinion. 

Well straight up this is not going to be a pro's and con's post, I'm just going to tell you some of the basics because I like to keep things simple.

Blogger is easy to use, it gives you more than enough options to run a stunning blog. Blogspot allows you to edit your templates easy and you can find 1000's of free and premium blogger templates online using a quick google search.

There's advertising options, stats tracking, rss feeds, commenting, sharing, pages, and much more everything you can get from a wordpress blog. You can even connect your own TLD to a blogger blog instead of using the free domain, this makes your domain more classy.

Blogger offers blazing fast free hosting, after all it's Googles servers & hosting, so it's always gonna be quick as possible. If you used WordPress you would have to pay for hosting like this and it's not cheap, Also if you use lots of plugins or heavy themes (A huge selling point for using the service Plugins/Themes) You will find your site will probably slow right down.

I've used WordPress for years and honestly i don't see what all the fuss is. I can run a store on blogger set up a portfolio, Build a community site & pretty much anything i could ever do or want to do on WordPress i can achieve on Blogger. Granted the code language is slightly different.

Instead of plugins blogger allows you to run javascript in the templates and within blocks that can be positioned via the layout tab. This will allow you to run extra bits of code, like random quotes, weather and other cool widgets you may want displayed in your sidebar or some other place within your template.

Most of the time when I read a post about blogger, it's from a website that's dedicated to WordPress. These sites sell products helping people build WordPress Blogs, So of course it's logical for them to say "hey Blogger lacks join WordPress so i can offer training and plugins to help your blog".

Another thing that people say is "You don't own a blogger blog google does, but you own your own WordPress blog".


Like i've said i've owned WordPress blogs, but I didn't own my own webhost and server so when they go bust, screw up, you have issues with them or miss a payment ect.. ect.. you can potentially lose everything anyway, it's happened to me so don't say it doesn't happen.

Id Rather risk my chances with google, a company I've had plenty of bad issues with over the years but Uptime has never been a problem for me with them. Google Uptime 99.99% Thats something I can count on for the foreseeable future.

There are some cons to blogger I'm not going to lie. Main one is not everything can be coded in javascript, so there are somethings that just can't be done. Templating Can get a little messy and there is a lack of official coding help ( But Plenty Of Help Blogs For Blogger [Unofficial] ).

They say SEO on blogger is not as good i can't really comment on that, I personally haven't noticed a difference. The Only Differance now is Im not spending 20 mins or longer just on seo like i did in WordPress, Using special plugins more complicated to use than the blog post was to write.

All in all Blogger can match WordPress, Blogger has also released new templates in 2017, I have to admit they are beautiful. So now is an ever better time to start using blogger.

I hope this post helped you. It's very one sided but i'm not trying to sell you anything, i'm merely suggesting an awesome free tool you may want to try out.

Leave a comment below let me know what blogger Platform you Use WordPress Or Blogger also let me know what you personally like about your chosen software.


  1. You wernt lying when you said that this post was one-sided it's totally biased but true. The fact is you just don't need WordPress it's an overrated over bloated software and most of the time people draw you into using it purely so they can sell you themes and plugins that are meant to benefit you but ultimately bloat your website and create a higher server usage that leads to highest server fees. I could go on about this all day but I'm glad someone is saying something good about blogger.

  2. Haha you noticed that did you... Yes it's very one sided but i gain nothing for promoting one or the other so i just said what i like about the one i chose and why i chose it. Besides wordpress gets way too much praise.

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