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[Image] Australian Pride Rock

This photo is taken from a lookout at morialta waterfalls /  Trails. I think the lookout is called Eagle lookout possibly. This lookout reminds me of the lion king when the king holds simba up on pride rock to show him off the kingdom.

When standing up on this rock your really high, To get this photo i had to step over the safety rail glad i did because this photo is wonderful. Im standing well over a 1000ft on the edge of a cliff, it was a very awakening expirance for myself. I even have to say spiritual, i meditated up here for at least 45 mins. The sun was stunning and gave me a massive boost of energy after my huge walk to get to this location.

This photo was taken on a OPPO R7 Android phone, i didn't use any effect with this photo the sun was just too bright and too high in the sky for me to worry i personally think the photo is better this was with zero editing.

Whats your thoughts, do you like the photo ?
Leave a comment and let me know feelings this picture evokes within you! - (@RandellOnline)

Photo Taken By: @RandellOnline

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