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[Image] 1000 Ft Bench Seat With A View

A bench a walking stick & a 1000 ft drop, Truely beautiful.  This bench sits on the top of a trail in a place called morialta falls trails. It's a stunning place with about 5 different trails that span for kilometers up the side of a mountain filled with 5 different waterfalls that seem to all link to one another.

If your looking for a magical expirance then this is a must visit place next time your in Adelaide. I  made a video a few months back of me taking  a bush walk through morialta it's worth a look - Morialta Waterfalls Vlog.

I'm a huge fan of the simplicity of this photo it captures a rewarding moment in time for myself. I only just completed the trails when i got to this bench i was very high up the mountain at this time and was dying for a rest.

I didn't have to use any special filters or effects in  fact the sun was so bright, high and hot in the sky it wouldn't have done anything but ruin the photo. The photo was captured on a OPPO R7 Android
phone. like most of my photos i like using the OPPO, for a cheap phone it takes a stunning photo that can capture a moment like you were standing there seeing it with your own eyes.

leave a comment and let me know what this photo makes you feel when you look at it. — (@RandellOnline)

Photo Taken By: @RandellOnline

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