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[Image] Fenced In With Flowers

Fenced in and no way out. Rather funny name for a photo but this is the kind of angle i was going for, I wanted the photo to feel like there was no way out and you were trapped behind a fence surrounded by stunning colorful flowers.

I think i achieved this, What do you think ? leave a comment !

I took this photo in a small park around the corner from where i live. I used a OPPO R7 to take the photo. with this photo i used the Food Layer effect and the Gothic filter to really enhance the photo. The gothic filter combined with the food layer effect really makes the flowers look 10 times more vibrant and colorful.

I like the gothic Effect on a lot of my photographs purely because it centres your view, because it darkens the outer rim of the photo and lightens the centre.  - (@RandellOnline)

Photo Taken By: @RandellOnline

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